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Wagyu burger

Have you tasted it yet, the Wagyu burger? This exquisite burger is made of the best offcuts of the Wagyu. We raise these Wagyu cattle ourselves at our Wagyu Farm. According to Japanese tradition, we raise the cattle in a sustainable manner. This enables us to provide the Wagyu burger with its unique flavour. The exquisite Wagyu burger has in fact so much flavour of itself, that seasoning or fat are unnecessary when preparing the burger.

Wagyu burger

If you are looking for a unique piece of beef with an exquisite flavour and which has superior quality, then our farm is the place to be. Not only is our Wagyu burger supremely tasty, our other cuts of beef also have the same unique properties. Our beef has a high degree of marbling. This means that small streaks of fat run through the muscle meat. The more streaks, the better the beef. Furthermore our Wagyu beef is healthy as it contains a high content of the unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and 6. These fatty acids reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This means you can optimally enjoy our Wagyu beef!

You can order the Wagyu burger online from our webshop. Our burgers are made of 100% beef and are free of preservatives or flavourings. The Wagyu burger is best eaten unseasoned and served medium rare. The Wagyu burger is available in different packaging:

  • Per piece of 150 grams
  • Per box of 70 pieces
  • As stack of approx. 500 grams

Besides the Wagyu burger you can also order all our other cuts of beef such as sirloin, ribeye and tenderloin. You can choose to eat our beef as lunch, main course, a cold cut, either fresh as a whole joint, shock frozen or in a variety of other ways. Please take a look at our webshop for further information or contact us.