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Shoulder clod

Shoulder clod from the Wagyu is a unique piece of beef. You can order shoulder clod from the Wagyu Farm webshop. It is a tasty, tender cut of beef that you will enjoy to the full.

Shoulder clod

Shoulder clod from Wagyu cattle is unique. These cattle are raised at our Wagyu Farm in a sustainable manner. Wagyu beef is known for its good quality. Because of the high degree of marbling the beef is beautifully tender and also very healthy as it contains a high content of unsaturated fatty acids with omega 3 and 6. Furthermore this beef also prevents the clogging of arteries. Shoulder clod from the Wagyu is full of flavour (you only require a little bit of salt and pepper) and is extremely tender.

Shoulder clod is a relatively unfamiliar piece of beef. The cut comes from the animal’s shoulder but there is little demand for it. That is why we do not have shoulder clod in stock. However, should you wish to order shoulder clod, then this is certainly possible. You can reserve shoulder clod via our contact form. When the next cattle are due for slaughter we will have shoulder clod prepared especially for you. This also applies to our other cuts of beef for which there is little demand, such as:

  • Lower ribs
  • Shoulder tender
  • Thin skirt
  • Skirt steak

The shoulder clod or other beef that you order from our webshop is always sent to you in a special way. The beef is vacuum packed and subsequently sent to you in insulated packaging with added ice sheets. This ensures that the shoulder clod and other beef reaches you in perfect condition. Should you require further information about packaging, dispatch and delivery? Then please refer to our ‘frequently asked questions’ page.

Should you have any questions about Wagyu shoulder clod or wish to obtain any further information regarding how we can be of service, then please contact us, free of any obligation.