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Rump cap

Are you looking for delicious rump cap? Wagyu rump cap is exquisite and nice and tender due to the high degree of marbling. At our Wagyu Farm we rear Wagyu cattle in a sustainable manner following Japanese tradition. This exceptional way of breeding results in an exclusively flavoured rump cap.

Rump cap

Beef from Wagyu cattle always has a unique flavour. Whether this is rump cap, sirloin or ribeye, Wagyu beef is of high quality and has far more flavour than regular beef. The higher the degree of marbling, the better the beef. Of course good care also contributes to the quality. The highest quality score of 12 is only available in Japan. In our webshop you can purchase beef with a marbling score of 7 or 9+. So if you are looking for an exquisite rump cap of outstanding quality, then we are the place to be?

In our webshop we sell fresh rump cap whole or in portions. Of course, besides rump cap we also sell other exquisite pieces of beef such as:

  • Tenderloin
  • Ribeye
  • Sirloin
  • Blade
  • Shoulder clod

In brief, whether you buy rump cap or any other beef from us, you will get the best quality Wagyu beef. This can be ordered fresh from our online webshop or you can buy this is in our farm shop. Have you become enthusiastic about the unique flavour of our rump cap? Then please order a gift token from our webshop and introduce your friends to this unique piece of beef.

For questions and/or more information about our Wagyu cattle and our beef, you can always contact us free of any obligation.