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High quality ribeye? Ribeye from our Wagyu cattle is a true taste sensation. Due to the fine marbling our ribeye has an exclusive flavour that anyone should try. In our webshop you can order fresh whole ribeye or ribeye in portions.


At our Wagyu Farm we raise our Wagyu cattle according to Japanese customs. This means that we look after our cattle in a sustainable way following Japanese traditions such as the use of beer and massaging the cattle. The good care for our cattle is well reflected in the flavour of our ribeye.

The beef from our Wagyu cattle has of itself more flavour than beef from regular cattle. This means that you need less seasoning when cooking our ribeye. Otherwise, Wagyu ribeye is prepared more or less the same as any other steak. Thus you need to briefly sear the beef at high temperature. The beef cooks quickly this way and is eaten medium rare. Ribeye can be fried, pan roasted, grilled, and oven roasted.

We guarantee the high quality of our ribeyes. Wagyu ribeye is a healthy piece of beef that among other things is good to help reduce cholesterol levels in your blood. Of course this also applies to our other available cuts of Wagyu beef. Besides exquisite ribeyes we also sell:

  • Tenderloin
  • Sirloin
  • Blade
  • Rump cap

In our webshop you can order the beef of your choice. As regards ribeye you can buy fresh whole ribeye (approx. 2.5 kilos) or ribeye in portions (200 grams).

Do you have any questions about our exquisite ribeye or do you wish to receive further information about the quality of our beef, then please contact us. We will gladly provide you with any information.