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The quality of Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef has a number of excellent characteristics for meat consumers. The meat reduces cholesterol levels and prevents clogged arteries. It reduces the risk of cancer and moreover is exceptionally tender and has a special flavour. These are the reasons why top restaurants and top chefs use and serve this beef.

The secret of Wagyu beef lies in its high level of marbling. Marbling is another word for the fine intermuscular fat. The more streaks of fat, the better the meat. The higher the fat content, the higher the quality, according to the ‘Wagyu Marbling Scale’. Beneficial fats that is. These do not make you fat or ill. The highest quality score on the Wagyu Marbling Scale is 12 (only available in Japan) which has almost 90% marbling and an oily sheen. The meat is so tender that you can eat it with a teaspoon. Our Wagyu beef is of wonderful quality and is something you should experience. Our web shop offers marbling 7 or 9+. At the moment 9+ is not yet listed in our web shop but is available at additional cost. Please contact us for further information.

Do you wish to know more about the characteristics of our exquisite Wagyu beef, then please click here: ‘Quality, the characteristics’ or visit our web shop straight away.


Of course the quality of this Imperial meat depends on the way we look after our cattle. At Wagyu Farm our cows are raised in a natural and sustainable way. In doing so, we take into consideration diet, herd behaviour and the possibilities of going outside. Furthermore we also follow Japanese traditions such as massage and the use of beer.

Should you wish to know more about how we look after our cattle, then please click here: ‘Care of our Wagyu cattle’.

To meet demand, we have sought and found a partner, Mollendo, in Chile. Chile boasts some of the best wines and highest culinary standards in the world. Chile has its own wonderful, pure and clear water from the Andes. Mollendo meets our own requirements with regard to raising cattle. They permanently monitor the quality of the product and have the latest technology at their disposal. They too allow calves to stay with their mothers until they are approximately one year old. Then the steers are moved to the steer shed where they are indulged with a balanced diet, massage and bedding made of straw. The cattle are kept within the frameworks of animal welfare (AWS, Animal Welfare Statement).

Should you wish to know more about the history of our fantastic Wagyu cattle, then please click here: ‘History’.