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Genetics at our Wagyu Farm

Dealing with genetics and thus crossbreeding with good cattle is an old tradition at the Wagyu Farm. Grandfather Sjeng began with the then MRY (Maas-Rijn-Yssel) cattle and father Jan has crossed with (red) Holsteins.

We are continuing this tradition with these beautiful Wagyu cattle. The Wagyu Farm has brought in the best bloodlines from the USA and Australia. At the moment it is not possible to bring in new lines from Japan because of a strict ban on the export of Wagyu cattle or genetics. Wagyu is indeed a National Heritage of Japan.

We bought the embryos from Jerry Reeves and Gerry Pitinger of Washington State University in Seattle,USA. This is where the first cattle imported from Japan arrived in 1975. Together with professor Gaskins, Reeves conducted research among the offspring of various stud bulls into the degree of marbling, birth weight and the degree of external fat. The top bulls to be bred from these are Fukutsuru 068, Sanjirou with its sons Michifuku and Haruki II, Takazakura and Kitateru Yasudoi 003. Even now there are still close contacts with Washington State University. The other genetics come from Keith and John Hammonds in New Zeeland. They too are pioneers in the production of Wagyu cattle outside ofJapan. Even with these pioneers we are in contact.

The Wagyu breeding herd (in general) has 5 major bloodlines:

  • Tajima or Tajiri
  • Shimane or Fujiyoshi
  • Kedake or Tottorie
  • Okayma
  • Koeli orKumamoto

These bloodlines all have their own characteristics and marbling.

The genetics at the Wagyu Farm
A large proportion of the mother-lines are descendants of Fukutsuru 068, Sanjirou with the sons Michifuku and Haruki II, Takazakura and KitateruYasudoi 003. The stud bulls that we use often descend from Kedaka or Tajima.

Should you wish to acquire these genetics
It is possible to acquire the top genetics of these cattle via Wagyu Farm. This is possible by buying sperm from 100% full blood embryos with a DNA report. Our embryos are found inNorway,Portugal,Romania and many other European countries. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of providing surrogate mothers.

Would you like Wagyu calf and sell it back to us back around 20 months?
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We will gladly advise you on feed and management in order to make your Wagyu project a success.

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