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Flank steak

An exquisite piece of flank steak? Order a tender flank steak of high quality from the Wagyu Farm webshop. We raise our Wagyu cattle in a sustainable way, according to Japanese tradition. This enables us to supply beef of outstanding quality. Order a unique piece of flank steak from us and enjoy its fantastic flavour.

Flank steak

In the Netherlands the flank steak is a relatively unknown piece of beef. It comes from the flank and is often used for stewing or for minced beef. However, with Wagyu cattle it would be a waste not to prepare the flank steak itself.  This strip of beef is namely particularly tender and is delicious for use in various dishes. The high degree of marbling of our beef ensures that the flank steak too is a top-quality piece of beef. In our webshop we sell flank steak with a quality score of 7 and 9+. Only in Japan the highest score of 12 is available.

Wagyu flank steak is delicious to eat. Not only does the beef have fantastic flavour, it is also healthy as it contains unsaturated fatty acids with omega 3 and 6 (excellent against cardiovascular diseases) and has a high CLA content (reduces the risk of cancer).  Of course this also applies to our other exquisite pieces of beef such as:

  • Sirloin
  • Ribeye
  • Rump cap
  • Tenderloin
  • Blade

Visit our webshop to see which other cuts of beef we sell. Tasty to eat as lunch, main course, or as cold cut? Buy beef fresh online. You can order fresh whole flank steak and choose from different weights from 1.32 kilos to 2.49 kilos.

Order your flank steak online from our webshop and also take a look at the other exquisite pieces of Wagyu beef that we sell. Should you have any questions or wish to receive more information, then please contact us.