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Welcome to the Wagyu Farm website

Tough and pride he stands in the meadow: the Wagyu. A Wagyu bovine is not just any cow. It is an imperial cow that according to Japanese tradition is fed and massaged. This results in the finest meat. The Wagyu Farm unravels the secrets of the exclusive and flavorful beef. A tour or excursion is a unique opportunity to taste the tender meat.

Bianca & Jacquo Gerritsen-Slangen

Cuddle the cowCuddle the cow

Cuddle the cow
Our excursions are a real experience, with which you will be taken on a discovery about the company and the cow can cuddle.


On our experience farm you can have meetings while enjoying a delicious Wagyu dinner.

The ShopThe Shop

The Shop
Our farm is a store where we sell Wagyu meat and some local products.